About Us

Our History

Our Story Began Over 20 Years Ago

A1 Counting Solutions is a people counting and parking guidance software solution provider. Serving many prominent sites throughout North America, we’re no strangers to the industry. Our company was founded in 1994 and we were one of the very first to offer such advanced, accurate and reliable counting systems. Specializing in multi-level and multi-block facilities, our near real-time counting systems can be found in major shopping centres, big box retailers, casinos and racetracks around the world.

Then and Now...

What Defines Us

Over the years, A1 Counting Solutions has grown and evolved. But the fundamentals of our company haven’t changed. Ever since the beginning, we’ve been a business defined by data integrity. To produce exceptionally precise data that our clients can rely on, we created a strategic process. From the moment you meet us to the moment we install your system and teach you how to use it, every part of our process revolves around providing you with the highest level of data integrity. Over 99% accuracy, to be exact – and we have the audits to prove it.