Parking Guidance

Our Parking Guidance Solution Can Help

What Is It?

In busy retail and industrial environments, easing the flow of traffic can reduce congestion and create a better overall customer experience.

Our Parking Guidance system is designed to provide full and accurate information about the availability of free parking spaces at your facility. Through digital signage, visitors in your parking lot can instantly see how many spaces are available in each section as they drive through.

How Does It Work?

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Using state of the art robust ultrasonic sensors, our Parking Guidance solution stores specific parameters both in the sensor and in the server.

The system uses external LED to signal “free” or “occupied” and is equipped for auto calibration, flexible colour and brightness control, optimized visibility for 2-lane traffic, and simple installation of sensor units and ceiling units.

The Real Benefits

Why You Need It

The benefits of our Parking Guidance technology apply to you and your customers.

For Your Benefit

  • Better utilization of your parking lot
  • Detection of areas not often used (so you can make adjustments to correct this)
  • Guidance for handicapped customers, special needs patrons and VIPs
  • Accurate time monitoring (to identify cars taht exceed their parking limit)
  • Reduced traffic
  • License plate recognition
  • Advanced parking statistics, information and security

For Your Customers

  • Identification of the fastest way to a free parking space
  • No traffic jams
  • Reservation of special areas
  • A feeling of comfort for drivers who want to park and get inside - FAST

Customize It

Our Parking Guidance software offers a wide variety of tools and statistics.

Whether you want to manage parking traffic at a large-scale shopping centre, or you’re interested in using this system in an industrial setting to guide loading dock truck traffic, all aspects of our Parking Guidance solution are flexible and customizable. Whatever you need, we can accommodate it.